Medical Marijuana for Those With Chronic Illnesses

Medical Marijuana for Those With Chronic Illnesses

About AAA Pharmaceutical Alternatives LLC

AAA Pharmaceutical Alternatives, LLC was established in 2015. Roy, the sole owner and operator, suffered a significant brain injury during a motorcycle accident about a decade ago. He went through traditional processes and received drugs to address his issue, but nothing seemed to help. Most even had a bad effect on him.

Soon, he was encouraged by a family member to look into medicinal marijuana. He never looked back after that. Marijuana helped him on his own road to recovery. After his recovery, he decided that he wanted to help individuals in the area obtain the same level of help he was given. AAA Pharmaceutical Alternatives was established soon after.

AAA Pharmaceutical Alternatives is a licensed medicinal caregiver serving Lewiston, Augusta, and the rest of central Maine. We serve the entire state of Maine with high-quality medicinal marijuana at affordable prices. After you have received your prescription, please call to set up your interview:

  • Sit down with our team to go over your needs
  • Discuss the specific strands/breeds offered and their respective benefits
  • Choose which type you believe will be of most benefit to your pain/illness

We will then deliver your product to you throughout the duration of your prescription. AAA Pharmaceutical Alternatives carries marijuana that benefits individuals suffering from a variety of chronic illnesses/diseases, including anxiety, arthritis, even cancer.

In addition to your prescription, AAA Pharmaceutical Alternatives can also provide you with tincture. It is in edible form, so you can mix it into food and drinks. We want to give you what you need to address your medical issue in a better way.

Find the strand/breed of marijuana that will work best for you. Get in contact with us today by calling (207) 576-2114.