Agent Orange

Agent Orange "AgO"

  • Total CBD (CBD=CBDA): 2.75%
  • Max CBD: 1.9%
  • Total THC (THC + THCA): 19.96%
  • Total Cannabiniod Results: 19.23%

75% Sativa
25% Indica


  • Orange
  • Citrus
  • Sweet

Strain Highlights

Agent Orange or "AgO" is a well balanced hybrid, that combines Orange Velvet (hybrid) with Jack the Ripper (sativa). This hybrid heavyweight will capture your senses with smells of oranges and fresh-cut citrus fruit. Agent Orange has the reputation of an awesome "Day Time" marijuana. Studies have shown the effects are uplifting and motivating, and great for combating depression.


Parents: Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper