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AAA Pharmaceutical Alternatives provides high-quality marijuana grown in-house. AAA Pharmaceutical Alternatives has top-shelf product at affordable prices. You can get your favorite products from AAA Pharmaceutical Alternatives. Contact us today by calling ​207-576-2114.

I LOVE AAA! My American bulldog needs a safe anti-inflammatory and pain reliever and CBD was recommended by other animal rescue advocates. AAA's CBD WITH 0% THC tastes like coconut oil and I can give it to her on a biscuit or in a piece of cheese. Within 15 minutes she is more flexible and wants to run around and play with the other dog. It's also a human formulation and when I take it, my knee pain is virtually non-existent after about 10 minutes. I'm told that some people derive energy from this formula, but actually calms me down quite a bit without any feeling of being high.

-Yvonne Franklin Perry

Awesome place, super nice people...Great products!

-Jessica Susi Bigelow

Roy will be at the store today! Come and take advantage of AAA's many different Top Shelf Strains of Medical Cannabis. Patients looking for CBD Tinctures, should look no further

-Aaron Scalia

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

-Charles C

I have been going to AAA for several yrs. Knowledgeable staff , products incredible, amazing store front! Recommended!!!

-Karen C

Excellent store! Lots of knowledgeable and friendly staff. I purchased RSO for the treatment of precancerous skin cells and it's working on removing the bad skin. I got my licence there too.

-Heather N

Hi how can you understand the best if you dont try aaa pharmacist n#1 in Maine ..Strain's are breathtaking. A big green thumb up .From pat

-Patrick M

Very nice selection friendly knowledgeable bud tenders good prices

-Cindy P

Good people, great environment

-Wesley N

Soooooo easy to renew our Medical cards. Thank you

-Sherrie K

Service was incredibly helpful and wonderful. Good quality.

-Christopher B

Great selection and Great prices for top quality bud and concentrates.

-Dale S

Very fair, good customer service, high quality, fast service.

-Steve C

Roy recently traveled over 1,800 miles south toward's the equator in search for new Cannabis strains

Roy recently traveled over 1,800 miles south toward's the equator in search for new Cannabis strains

After his journey he returned to the states with a few select strains, which will be available soon only at AAA PHARMACEUTICAL ALTERNATIVES.

My Friend Jane Needs A Kidney

"Hello, thank you for taking a moment for me. I am a 48 year old woman with a zest for life. I have come to a screaching halt! Grrrrr In my mind, I feel like I can conquer anything, I am a strong, resilient woman. I have started dialysis treatments and it's the machine until I can get one. Can someone out there please help me, at least try? I can't do this without you! Please save me from having to live by being all hooked up to a machine, that comes with risks as well, And frankly scares me, it sucks and is painful." -

Jane L Hinkley


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