An important messageto our customers about AAA Vapes:

An important message
to our customers about AAA Vapes:

Our quality promise to you is our commitment that we only offer products that meet our strict standards for quality, consistency, purity and safety. We test, certify and validate in order to honor this code. It is with that in mind that we can address vaping safety with AAA made products. A current suspect in the investigation of vaping concerns is vitamin E acetate, a popular diluent/thickener found mostly in illicit-marketing THC vape carts. At AAA our vape carts are produced and packaged in our certified lab without using unhealthy cutting agents or carrier oils. We use only base product made exclusively at our lab. We source only hardware components that have been manufactured using certified medical & food grade materials and processes in a licensed facility. Enjoy AAA Vapes with peace of mind!